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Welcome to DJ Alectro Productions

Hi, I'm DJ Alectro, also known as Alex, and I'll help to kickstart your party. I'm a local San Diego teen that's professional, insured, and affordable. Here are examples of parties to hire me for:

  • House Parties
  • Sweet 16
  • Quinceanera
  • Graduation
  • Birthday Parties
  • School Functions

DJ Alectro's Calendar
Call or email me in order to get your party scheduled.
phone: 858-449-1207 - email:

August 9, 2014:Bar Mitzvah
March 29, 2014:House Birthday Party
February 7, 2014:Middle School Dance Function
December 31, 2013:New Year's Eve Party
October 26, 2013:School Dance
October 25, 2013:Birthday (18th) Party
July 4, 2013:House Party
June 28, 2013:Club Night (Club Refuge)
June 21, 2013: House Party
June 15, 2013:Club Night (Club Refuge)
June 14, 2013:House Party
June 10, 2013:Grad Party
June 8, 2013:Birthday Party
May 18, 2013:Morp, High Tech High
April 20, 2013:Bat Mitzvah
March 15, 2013: Sweet 16
March 9, 2013:Birthday, Comedy Club
February 8, 2013: High Tech High Function
January 1, 2013: House Party
October 20, 2012: High Tech High Function


"I thought you were just such a great Dj! You had great music, and interacted with us on the dancefloor and I had such a great time!"

- Tyler Allen

"You are a very good Dj, you left a very big mark on me on who I should hire. Now I know I can always contact you! I loved your music style, you know how to rock a party!"

- Armando (Party Bus Driver)

"Alex you did an amazing job, from start to finish you really know how to throw a party! Your the best Dj I have ever hired, and for a great price too!"

- Private Name

"Your such a great dj, you know exactly what you are doing and you get the crowd going."

- Private Name

"Your amazing! I'm definitely going to hire you again. You really know how to host a party."

- Isablla Flynn

"I think it was very well done you did the performance very well! You seemed like a professional"

- Aaron Erikson

"You were very well prepared you have a lot of skill very talented"

- Dylan Rosenstein

"You did very well."

- Stephanie Snyder

"You definitely have a talent! You seemed more professional and put together then some of the more expensive old deejays that we have used In the past"

- Ms. M